OO gauge   4mm   1/76

Click on pictures for larger view of packs

We have a large range of billboard and general advertisement posters that will add more detail and atmosphere to your bus station. We also have road signs and other accessories that might be of use. Take a look through the other 4mm scale sections.

A4 Bus Station & Garage RED.jpg

Period Bus Station & Garage 

Red version

BUS4 R   A4 Pack  £3.95

A wide selection of signage and accessories to detail a period bus station and garage. As well as some generic names, the pack includes bus stop signs, timetable boards, advertising material and safety signage. The packs are available in two different colour schemes, red as illustrated here or green as below. Ideal for detailing kits such as Metcalfe's depot or scratch building projects.

A4 Bus Station & Garage GREEN.jpg

Period Bus Station & Garage  Green version

BUS4 G   A4 Pack  £3.95

The green colour scheme of the Bus Station and Garage Pack.

A4 Bus Station & Garage RED Detail.jpg

A close up of some of the detail of the Bus Station and Garage Pack.

Bus Advertisements

These self adhesive adverts can be used to add variety to your bus fleet. They are simple and easy to use. As well as adding variety, these adverts will enable you to have ones that suit your desired period or preference. Real bus adverts were printed on paper and most cases these quality paper ones will fit over existing transfers.

Bus Adverts Set 1.jpg

Bus Advertisements  Set 1

BusAds1   £2.50   A6 Pack

Bus Adverts Set 2.jpg

Bus Advertisements  Set 2

BusAds2   £2.50   A6 Pack

Bus Adverts Set 3.jpg

Bus Advertisements  Set 3

BusAds3   £2.50   A6 Pack

Bus Adverts Set 4.jpg

Bus Advertisements  Set 4

BusAds4   £2.50   A6 Pack

Bus Adverts Set 5.jpg

Bus Advertisements  Set 5

BusAds5   £2.50   A6 Pack

Cadets Cigarettes advert from Set 2 and the "OMO adds Brightness to Whiteness" advert from Set 5.

Bus Adverts Set 6.jpg

Bus Advertisements  Set 6

BusAds6   £2.50   A6 Pack

Bus Adverts Set 7.jpg

Bus Advertisements  Set 7

BusAds7   £2.50   A6 Pack

If you want something specific or a special advert such as these (applied to Birmingham City Transport Daimler MCW Fleetline Bus) then just contact us and we will be happy to try and help.

Bus Adverts Set 8.jpg

Bus Advertisements  Set 8

BusAds8   £2.50   A6 Pack

Bus Adverts Set 9.jpg

Bus Advertisements  Set 9

BusAds9   £2.50   A6 Pack

Ribble Motor Service were the largest operator in the north west with services stretching from Carlisle in Cumberland to Liverpool & South Lancashire. Ribble heavily promoted their own services including their holiday and travel business. This selection of bus advertisements are drawn following research of period photographs of the prototypes.

Ribble Adverts Set A.jpg

Ribble Adverts  Set A

BusAds RibA   £2.50   A6 Pack

Ribble Adverts Set B.jpg

Ribble Adverts  Set B

BusAds RibB   £2.50   A6 Pack

Bus Adverts Set 10.jpg

Bus Advertisements  Set 10

BusAds10   £2.50   A6 Pack

Bus Adverts Set 11.jpg

Bus Advertisements  Set 11

BusAds11   £2.50   A6 Pack

Bus Adverts Set 12.jpg

Bus Advertisements  Set 12

BusAds12   £2.50   A6 Pack

Packs for Web set 13.jpg

Bus Advertisements  Set 13

BusAds13   £2.50   A6 Pack

Oxford Buses Sheppard.jpg

Robin Sheppard has a fine collection of Oxford buses. To give variety to these as well as changing the destination blinds, he made use of many different bus adverts from Sankey Scenics

Packs for Web set 14.jpg

Bus Advertisements  Set 14

BusAds14   £2.50   A6 Pack

Packs for Web set 15.jpg

Bus Advertisements  Set 15

BusAds15   £2.50   A6 Pack

Packs for Web set 16.jpg

Bus Advertisements  Set 16

BusAds16   £2.50   A6 Pack

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