OO gauge   4mm   1/76    Eras 6 - 9 1967 to date

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Depot Signage Packs

All the signage you will require if modelling a Traction Maintenance Depot (TMD). Packs include depot company name signs, line side signage as well as a wide range of health & safety signs in addition to other details

BR TMD signs  4mm Stock Item.jpg

British Rail TMD Signage



Size: A6 pack

Railfreight Petrol TMD signs  4mm Stock

Railfreight Petroleum



Size: A6 pack

Railfreight Metals TMD signs  4mm Stock

Railfreight Metals



Size: A6 pack

Railfreight Distribution TMD signs  4mm

Railfreight Distribution  



Size: A6 pack

Railfreight Construction TMD signs  4mm

Railfreight Construction  



Size: A6 pack

Railfreight General TMD signs  4mm Stock

Railfreight General  



Size: A6 pack

Railfreight Coal TMD signs  4mm Stock It

Railfreight Coal 



Size: A6 pack

Westbury Railfreight.jpg
Warrington Depot (3).JPG
A6 Depot Signage.jpg

General Depot Signage



Size: A6 pack

EWS TMD signs  4mm Stock Item.jpg

EWS TMD Signage



Size: A6 pack

Freightliner TMD signs  4mm Stock Item.j

Freightliner TMD Signage



Size: A6 pack

DB TMD signs  4mm Stock item.jpg

DB Schenker TMD Signage



Size: A6 pack

Customised Depot Packs

Sankey Scenics is able to offer a range of customised Depot Packs for British Rail, Sectorisation & post privatisation companies. These range from small to large A4 sheets and include named large, medium and small sized signage, a wide range of appropriate lineside signs, health & safety signs, notice boards, CCTV signs and many other details


These packs are usually despatched within a couple of days from ordering and are personal to your model railway station. Take a look by clicking the link below:

A5.4  BRITISH RAIL Westford.jpg
1B Depot Packs (7).JPG
1B Depot Packs (22).JPG

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DRS TMD signs  4mm Stock Item.jpg

DRS TMD Signage



Size: A6 pack

NetRail TMD signs  4mm Stock Item ii.jpg

Network Rail TMD Signage



Size: A6 pack

Warehouse & Industrial Units.jpg

Warehouse & Industrial Units Detailing Pack


A4 Pack  £3.75

A huge selection of signage for industrial units and warehouses. Includes over 270 signs with names, general signs, warning strips and wide range of health & safety signage. All you need for detailing that industrial park!

Warehouse (2).JPG
Warehouse (3).JPG
pic car wash 1.jpg
1 Car Wash Signs 4mm 4550.jpg

Car Wash Signage


£2.99  A6 pack

Car washes have become a relatively common feature of the contemporary urban scene. Many occupy the sites of redundant petrol stations / garages or what was waste land.The artwork for the signage in this pack has been created from studying various car washes and in particular one based on the outskirts of Warrington. The pack comes with details and instructions.


Added to your model railway with suitable cars, figures and other accessories, these will enhance the realism of your modelled urban scene. Take a look at one in your local area for inspiration.

H&S Signs 4mm.jpg

Health & Safety Signage Pack


A5 Pack  £2.75

You will find this signage EVERYWHERE! This pack provides outstanding value with over 330 signs for only £2.75. Printed to a high resolution, the packs includes a wealth of signs covering industrial /  construction/ depot / warehouse / garage / signage to provide plenty of scope for your layout. All these signs are scale reproductions of official (& unofficial) UK industrial signs.

Adding Detail & Realism

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