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Sankey Scenics

Adding Detail & Realism

The miniature signage specialist for British Railway Modellers

Terms & Conditions

We want you to be pleased with our products and service. Therefore, if in the unlikely event that you encounter a problem then please contact us immediately so that we can rectify the issue.

Buying on-line from us


PayPal Payments

We operate our on-line purchasing through PayPal. You do not need to register with PayPal to make one-off payments, just a working email address and typically a debit or credit card. By signing up as PayPal member you only need to enter your personal details once to gain access to a large number of web shopping facilities. During transactions we as sellers never receive card numbers or details, making it the most secure way to pay. You must be over 18 years of age to open a PayPal account.


There are no charges associated with making payments through PayPal. All major credit cards are accepted. For each payment transaction that you make, an email confirmation will be sent to you with full details of the items that you have purchased together with packing and postage costs. We will also receive details of your order and shipping address by email, along with confirmation that PayPal has cleared your payment.


Shopping Cart Operation

Shopping Cart features are implemented with buttons on each item description section. The buttons, as with all links here to other websites, open new windows. Your computer system will need to allow "pop-up windows" from this site in order for the new windows to open. This feature may be affected by your browser or separate security software, there is usually an option for you to allow pop-ups from particular sites. The feature is intended to block annoying adverts – Sankey Scenics has no advert links.


Add to Cart

If you wish to purchase an item then press the "Add To Cart" button. A separate window will open which then connects you to the PayPal website and a view of your Shopping Cart. A list of items that you have selected is presented, with details of the quantity and price. You may alter the quantity for each item or simply return to our web pages to continue shopping for more items. You may close the new PayPal window to return to the Sankey Scenics pages - PayPal will remember what you selected.


Once you have selected all the items that you wish to purchase then press the "Checkout" button on the PayPal window to begin the payment process. If you have already registered a PayPal account, you only need to enter your password to complete the transaction. If you have never used PayPal before, you'll be asked for all necessary payment details and given the option to open an account. All the information that you enter is encrypted and only transmitted to PayPal.


If you are unable to complete your order in one session, note that your Shopping Cart selections are stored in "Cookies", so you will be able to return to the site later and complete the order then. Note that the PayPal website can sometimes be temporarily unavailable for maintenance reasons, which can result in error messages when you come to "Checkout" - simply try again later.


View Cart

The View Cart button also allows you to open the window on the Shopping Cart and displays items that you have selected. Prices are displayed in Pounds Sterling (£).



One-off Payments for Bespoke Work

Payments for these orders can be made by using the Bespoke Payment Buttons (via PayPal) towards the bottom of the Bespoke Page. Alternatively you can pay by Cheque or Postal Order. You will have already been quoted a price (excluding the posting and packing fee) by email. On receipt of payment orders are despatched. By its very nature there cannot be refund for this work except for damage in transit.




We operate bandings for the price of packing and postage. These are displayed above and are automatically calculated in the shopping cart as you make any purchases. PayPal will send a receipt for your payment as soon as it is made, with details confirming the order. We do not normally send any further confirmation or notice of shipping emails. While most forms of payment are cleared immediately, "eCheque" payments can take several weeks. Once we receive email confirmation from PayPal of a cleared payment, we can process your order and despatch the required goods to the shipping address that you specified with PayPal.


The time from placing an order to taking delivery will vary, but we aim to always complete the process in seven to ten working days. Deliveries abroad can of course take longer in the mail or be delayed by Customs checks. We will send an email if an order is likely to be delayed, for whatever reason, to notify you of an expected later shipment date. For example, sometimes we may temporarily run out of stock for an order.


If you are a U.K. customer and have not received your order or notification of any delay within 14 days of a cleared payment, please send us an email via the Contact Us button. We ship using Royal Mail services. For high value consignments over £45 we will use either "Recorded Delivery" or "Special Delivery" within the United Kingdom. For U.K. orders with a value of up to £45, we will use standard post and obtain a receipt of posting. For orders outside of the U.K. we ship as standard "Air Mail". Insurance against the loss or damage of a shipment is thus automatically provided for through Royal Mail.


Value Added Tax

No Value Added Tax (VAT or Sales Tax) is charged on orders placed direct with us. We are not required to be registered for VAT. This means that customers abroad will not be able to reclaim any tax payments on goods purchased from us.


Returns and Cancellations

In the unlikely event of any problem with an order that was placed directly with us through this web site, please contact us within 30 days. In addition to the usual legal requirements, at least:

• We will replace free of charge, or refund the original payment including postage for, any damaged items, upon either the physical return of the affected components or receipt of an email with attached photographic evidence showing the damage.

• We can offer a refund for any packs sold through this site that are returned unwanted, provided that they are in a saleable condition on receipt. ("Sale or Return" or "Order Cancellation" does not apply to our stockists, who order from us through a different business to business process.)

• We would like you to be completely delighted with our products and service, please Contact Us to ensure that we can resolve any problems.


Legal Requirements

Sankey Scenics operates under the U.K. legal system. Even if you are ordering from outside the U.K., U.K. law will be applicable. By carrying out transactions through this website, you are confirming that you agree to the Terms and Conditions of both this web site and those set out separately on the PayPal web site.


Sankey Scenics is not a registered company, the site is owned and operated by Allan Stephenson as a self-employed sole trader. You can also buy our products through traditional shop outlets which are unrelated and independent companies.


The full description and recommended retail price of each item we sell appear next to the image(s) of the item. There are no other additional charges or taxes when placing an order direct on-line other than the shipping fee described above.


When you make payment for your order,  it constitutes the commencement of a contract to then supply the goods ordered. For Bespoke orders for which special item order payment will be arranged, we will not ask for your payment until the work to produce it can be completed within 20 working days.


You have the legal right to completely cancel an on-line order at any time up to 7 working days from delivery of the goods. Please use the Contact Us button to notify us of a cancellation, to arrange a return of any items delivered and a full refund of your original payment, including the shipping fee. Any return postage of items will be at your own expense and we shall not be liable for any losses that may occur in return posting - please ensure that you insure, as we do for out-bound shipments.


To comply with U.K. "Distance Selling Regulations", as published by the "Office Of Fair Trading", all on-line sellers must provide customers with a "durable" copy of their ordering terms and conditions, including contact details with a geographic address. Details published in a website alone, although most easily accessed, can be changed and are thus not deemed suitable in law. An email, which can be retained by both parties, is however considered an appropriate way to communicate such pre-contractual information.


To receive a "durable" email copy of our full terms and conditions, please ask using the Contact Us button above with title: Terms & Conditions.

Payment Methods

  • Credit / Debit Cards via PayPal

  • PayPal Accounts

  • Offline Payments By cheque / Postal Order


PLEASE NOTE - we are unable to take orders and payments over the phone although we are able to offer advice and answer questions.

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