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Customised Dairy / Creamery Packs

N gauge   2mm   1/148    Eras 3 - 5 1923 - 1966

Dairies and creameries have always been a popular subject for railway modellers as they allow the use of interesting rolling stock, notably slat sided milk churn vans and milk tank wagons; as well as establishing a rail served lineside industry.


These packs are designed to give you a wide range of signage that might be found around a dairy or creamery. As well as the named signs, the packs include a wealth of general directional and instructional signs to help bring your model to life. The packs include signage suitable for the inter-war years through to the late 1960s.

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Express Dairy Signs      



Size: A6 pack

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To order a pack: Simply use the Add to Cart Button (next to the pack you want)  and then complete the Name Required section with the name that you want for your Dairy or Creamery (max 30 characters) and then click the Add to Cart button.

Suitable rolling stock for milk traffic in various scales can be found from manufacturers such as Dapol, Peco, and Farish. Buildings can come from varied sources from ready-made resin buildings from the likes of Bachmann Scenecraft to adapted card kits produced by Metcalfe. Adapted plastic kits such as those available from Peco, Ratio and other manufacturers can form the basis of scratch building projects. Likewise American and European building kits can form the foundations for the development of a Creamery or Dairy.

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z 2mm United Dairies Signs.jpg

United Dairies Signs



Size: A6 pack

z 2mm Co-op Dairy Signs.jpg

Size: A6 pack

Co-op Dairy Signs      

DAIRY Co-op2


z 2mm Milk Marketing Board.jpg

MMB Dairy Signs      



Size: A6 pack

The Milk Marketing Board was established in 1933 with the remit to ensure supplies of affordable milk were available throughout the country. The MMB bought all the milk from farmers and sold it on at a standard price to retailers. By the late 1940s, the Marketing Board was collecting milk from approximately 130,000 farmers, using some 500,000 ten-gallon milk churns and delivering to about 10,000 destinations, mainly dairies but also chocolate factories, dried milk factories and other users.

The MMB itself owned facilities for processing liquid milk and for manufacturing milk products such as butter and cheese. These operated under the same framework as independent milk processors so that the MMB didn’t have any financial advantage.

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Web Pic Dairy1.jpg
2mm Milk Marketing Board Dairy Detail.jpg

Detail from the Milk Marketing Board Pack

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Originally, milk was transported in churns from stations in special vans or goods wagons. The first churns were the conical type; these were superseded by the cylindrical type with mushroom shaped lid introduced in the 1930s which held ten gallons. Milk companies started to establish creameries for the collection of milk in rural areas, where after processing, it would be transferred into special railway tankers for transportation to dairies in urban areas. Dairies would bottle or further process the milk ready to be delivered to homes and businesses.

z 2mm Independent Dairy Signs.jpg

Independent Dairy Signs     



Size: A6 pack

Packs come with instructions, suggestions as well as a brief history of dairies and milk traffic by rail

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Dairy Pic Batch2 (11).jpg

The models and rolling stock shown on this page are from various manufacturers and are for illustrative purposes only.

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