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N gauge   2mm   1/148    Eras 4 & 5 1948 - 1966

Early Station Signs 2mm NEW.jpg

Early Station Signs  



Size: A6 pack

Old photographs of railway stations show a profusion of this type of platform signage. Many lasted until the 1940s/1950s.

PreNationalisation MPD Signs 2mm.jpg

Early MPD / Goods Signs



PreNationalisation MPD Signs 2mm Detail.

Pack contains many different types of signs including some unusual prototypical ones. The pack also includes roster boards for the MPD.

Size: A6 pack

A wide selection of pre-nationalisation signage for MPDs and Goods Yards. Many of these signs could still be seen well into the British Railways period. The set includes some unusual signage together with roster boards to add that extra level of detail.

Early Station Signs 2mm Detail.jpg

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Boards Midland Railway Centre.jpg

Early Station Signage based on examples such as those at the Midland Railway Centre in Derbyshire. Some of the signage produced by Sankey Scenics was developed following site visits.

Z 7 mm Trackside PICTURE.jpg
Model Railway Assorted Trackside Signs 2mm N Gauge.jpg

Assorted Trackside Signs  



Size: A6 pack