O gauge   7mm   1/43    Eras 4 & 5 1948 - 1966

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These enamel signs and boards were introduced by British Railways shortly after nationalisation. The majority survived until the late 1960s / early 1970s. Signage for goods yards and loco depots includes signs for coal merchants.

London Midland Region

BR Platform Signs LMR 7mm.jpg

BR Platform Signs LM Region


A5 Pack  £3.75

BR Goods and Loco LMR 7mm.jpg

Goods & Loco Depot LM Region


A5 Pack  £3.75

Southern Region

BR Platform Signs SR 7mm.jpg

BR Platform Signs Southern Region


A5 Pack  £3.75

BR Goods and Loco SR 7mm.jpg

Goods & Loco Depot Southern Region


A5 Pack  £3.75

Western Region

BR Platform Signs WR 7mm.jpg

BR Platform Signs Western Region


A5 Pack  £3.75

BR Goods and Loco WR 7mm.jpg

Goods & Loco Depot Western Region


A5 Pack  £3.75

Eastern Region

BR Platform Signs ER 7mm.jpg

BR Platform Signs Eastern Region


A5 Pack  £3.75

BR Goods and Loco ER 7mm.jpg

Goods & Loco Depot Eastern Region


A5 Pack  £3.75

North Eastern Region

BR Platform Signs NER 7mm.jpg

BR Platform Signs NE Region


A5 Pack  £3.75

BR Goods and Loco NER 7mm.jpg

Goods & Loco Depot NE Region


A5 Pack  £3.75

Scottish Region

BR Platform Signs SCOT 7mm.jpg

BR Platform Signs Scottish Region


A5 Pack  £3.75

BR Goods and Loco SCOT 7mm.jpg

Goods & Loco Depot Scottish Region


A5 Pack  £3.75

Combination Savers...

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London Midland Combination Pack

Comb7LM  £7.00

Southern Region Combination Pack

Comb7SR  £7.00

Western Region Combination Pack

Comb7WR  £7.00

Eastern Region Combination


Comb7ER  £7.00

North Eastern Region Combination Pack

Comb7NER  £7.00

Scottish Region Combination Pack

Comb7SCOT  £7.00

Customised Station Packs

Stephens Road A5.4 Western Region 7mm.jp

Sankey Scenics can offer customised British Railways Station Packs with different sized name running-in boards, totems, signal box names as well as general station and goods yard signage. These A4 packs provide outstanding value at just £11.95. These packs are usually despatched within a day of ordering and are personal to your model railway station. Take a look by clicking this link:

These packs provide a wealth of signage for detailing a motive power depot of the 1950s / 60s period. Included with every pack is a sheet with three different types of NOT TO BE MOVED panels.


The packs are customised with the name that you require for your depot. All you need to do is send us the name and pay only £11.95 for the pack.

Customised British Railways Motive Power Depot Packs

British Railways Posters & Boards

7 mm Railway Posters BR Pack 1.jpg

British Railways Posters Pack 1


A5 Pack  £3.25

7 mm Railway Posters BR Pack 2.jpg

British Railways Posters Pack 2


A5 Pack  £3.25

7mm Railway Boards British Railways.jpg

BR Poster Boards      



Size: A6 pack