O gauge   7mm   1/43    Era 3 1923 - 1947

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7 mm Railway Posters LMS.jpg

London Midland & Scottish Posters


A5 Pack  £3.25

7 mm Railway Posters GWR.jpg

Great Western Railway Posters


A5 Pack  £3.25

Each A5 pack contains a selection of posters for the appropriate Railway Company. For best effect use the posters with Poster boards (on Grouping page 1). Posters have been digitally remastered and are printed to a high resolution.

7 mm Railway Posters SR.jpg

Southern Railway Posters


A5 Pack  £3.25

7 mm Railway Posters LNER.jpg

London & North Eastern Posters


A5 Pack  £3.25

Platform Hoardings 7 30s 1.jpg

Platform Hoarding Posters 1930s Pack 1


A5 Pack  £3.25

Platform Hoardings 7 30s 2.jpg

Platform Hoarding Posters 1930s Pack 2


A5 Pack  £3.25

A selection of posters for platform hoardings for the 1930s and 1940s that  will add a bit of colour to the station environment. The packs include two sizes and reflect the popular brands and products of the period as well as information posters for wartime.

Platform Hoardings 7 40s War.jpg

Platform Hoarding Posters Wartime


A5 Pack  £3.25

Platform Hoardings 7 40s.jpg

Platform Hoarding Posters 1940s Post war


A5 Pack  £3.25

Enamel Signs 7mm Pack 1.jpg

Rusted Enamel Signs Pack 1


A5 Pack  £3.75

Enamel Signs 7mm Pack 2.jpg

Rusted Enamel Signs Pack 2


A5 Pack  £3.75

Old enamel signs that once were once a common sight advertising a range of period products. Many remained in postion for many years with many surviving until the 1950s/60s. These have all been produced from original photographs taken at various locations.

Combination Saver

On-line exclusive - Buy two packs together and save over 5%.

Enamel Signs

Combination Pack

Comb RES7  £7.00

Street Name Signs 7mm.jpg

Street Name Signs



Size: A6 pack

This pack contains street and road name signage covering the most popular street names in the UK. Pack also includes hydrant signs.

Manholes and Drains 7mm.jpg

Manholes & Drains


A5 Pack  £3.25

A selection of manhole and drain covers including sewer, water, TV and Telecommunication junction boxes.

Pub Signs 7mm.jpg

Public House Signs


A4 Pack  £4.25

Typical of many to be found throughout the UK. Appropriate for period and modern layouts / dioramas. Includes a wide range of signage to give your model pub authenticity.

Take a look in the other 7mm sections for other items that might be of use.

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