O gauge   7mm   1/43    Eras 6 - 9 1966 to date

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British Rail Modern 7mm Pack 1.jpg

British Rail Station Signs Pack 1


A5 Pack  £3.75

Introduced in the late 1960s by British Rail as part of a new corporate image many of these signs are still to be found on modern railway platforms.

1A RETB Signs 7mm.jpg

RETB Signage


A5 Pack  £3.95

A wide selection of signage associated with rural lines in Scotland, Wales and Suffolk operated by Radio Electronic Token Block. Pack comes with detailed notes and instructions

British Rail Modern 7mm Pack 2.jpg

British Rail Station Signs Pack 2


A5 Pack  £3.75

The second pack of British Rail signage to be found in the station environment including notice / timetable boards, health & safety and station car park signs.

Modern Level Crossing 7mm.jpg

Modern Level Crossing Signs


A5 Pack  £3.75

This pack contains a wide selection of signage that is used at railway level crossings throughout the UK.

Railway Modeller Review RETB.jpg
BR TMD signs  7mm.jpg

British Rail Traction Maintenance Depot


A5 Pack  £3.75

Railfreight TMD signs  7mm.jpg

Railfreight Dist Traction Maintenance Depot


A5 Pack  £3.75

Lots of signage that you will require if modelling a small Traction Maintenance Depot (TMD). Pack includes depot name signs, line side signage as well as a wide range of health & safety signs in addition to other details.

FreightlinerTMD signs  7mm.jpg

Freightliner Traction Maintenance Depot


A5 Pack  £3.75

Manholes and Drains 7mm.jpg

Manholes & Drains


A5 Pack  £3.25

A selection of manhole and drain covers including sewer, water, TV and Telecommunication junction boxes.

Garage Signs 7mm.jpg

Garage Signs


A5 Pack  £3.75

Give your model garage the authentic look with a selection of signs that were common from the 1950s until the early 1970s. Includes interior notice boards and signs as well as a wide range of forecourt signage.

Colliery / Coal Mine Packs

EWS TMD signs  7mm.jpg

EWS Traction Maintenance Depot


A5 Pack  £3.75

Clocks 7mm.jpg

Clock Faces


A5 Pack  £3.75

A selection of clock faces for station platforms, civic & public buildings and model interiors.

Public House Signs


A4 Pack  £4.25

Pub Signs 7mm.jpg

Typical of many to be found throughout the UK. Appropriate for period and modern layouts / dioramas. Includes a wide range of signage to give your model pub authenticity.

7mm Colliery Signage 47.67 NCB .jpg

Colliery / Coal Mine signage 1947 - late 60s

MINE7 47/67

A5 Pack  £4.95

These packs will prove to be a useful addition to modellers wishing to add a little bit more authenticity and realism to coal mines their layouts.


The signage is authentic with original artwork having been developed from photographs and documents. The pack includes some weathered signs that would have been around for decades as well as those that show nationalisation ownership.


National Coal Board 1947-67: Coal mines were nationalised by the Labour government in January 1947 and came into public ownership. The signage in this particular pack reflects the change in ownership and also has lots of signage that would be around for years before and after this time.


NCB 1967-87: mines were still in public ownership, modernisation and corporate branding is evident in the array of signage that began to appear including general health and safety notices. One of the signs reflects the turbulent period of industrial rest that swept through the industry in the early 1980s.


British Coal 1987-94: The Coal Industry Act of 1987 saw the Demise of the National Coal Board and the formation of the British Coal Corporation. The loss of a large number of coal fired electricity stations and cheap imports of coal saw the industry go into rapid decline. Privatisation soon followed and the loss of what had been a major industry dwindled to a few mines.

Also available as customised packs - see Bespoke Page for details

7mm Colliery Signage 67.87 NBC.jpg

Colliery / Coal Mine signage 1967 - 87

MINE7 67/87

A5 Pack  £4.95

7mm Colliery Signage 87.94 British Coal.

Colliery / Coal Mine signage 1987-94

MINE7 87/94

A5 Pack  £4.95

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