O gauge   7mm   1/43    Era 2 1870s - 1922

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Rusted Enamel Signs Pack 1


A5 Pack  £3.75

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Rusted Enamel Signs Pack 2


A5 Pack  £3.75

Old enamel signs that once were once a common sight advertising a range of period products. Many remained in postion for many years with many surviving until the 1950s/60s. These have all been produced from original photographs taken at various locations.

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Enamel Signs 7mm Pack 1.jpg

Combination Saver

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Enamel Signs

Combination Pack

Comb RES7  £7.00

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Street Name Signs



Size: A6 pack

This pack contains street and road name signage covering the most popular street names in the UK. Pack also includes hydrant signs.

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Oakworth Station's platform is adorned with many period enamel signs and is truely evoative of the Edwardian and Pre-Grouping Railway station. Some of the signs featured in the packs are from Oakworth.