OO gauge   4mm   1/76    Eras 4 & 5 1948 - 1966

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Shop and Business signs 4.1.jpg

Shop & Business Signs  Pack 1


A5 Pack  £3.25

A wide selection of business names including Library, garage, Co-operative, Fishmongers, Florists, Fish & Chips, Town Hall, Bank and Post Office Signs.

Shop and Business signs 4.2.jpg

Shop & Business Signs  Pack 2


A5 Pack  £3.25

The second pack with a wide range of business names including signs for a Police Station and hotel in addition to a wide variety of shops.

2 Stockton Mill Shops.jpg
2 Bristol North Shop.jpg

Examples of Shop signs and Displays in addition to other signage packs in use on two layouts. On the left is a selection of small shops on 'Stockton Mill'. On the right is a grocery shop that features on Kevin Murphy's 'Bristol North'.

For larger view - click on image

Shop Signs.jpg

Shop Signs and Displays  Pack 1


A4 Pack  £3.75

These miniature displays and signs will greatly enhance your model shops and high street. Ideal for detailing Metcalfe model shops or scratch building projects. Includes Grocers, Bakers, Fish & Chips, Off Licence, Ladies Hairdressers, TV & Radio, Ironmongers, China & Glass, & Undertakers.

Shop Signs 2.jpg

Shop Signs and Displays  Pack 2


A4 Pack  £3.75

The second pack of miniature displays and signs for model shops. and high street. Includes Toy Shop, Bookshop, Turf Accountant, Music Shop, Butchers, Estate Agents, Barbers, Clothes Shop, Sweet Shop & Cafe.

OLD Road signs 4mm.jpg

Old Road Signs 1940s-60s



Size: A6 pack

A wide selection of signage that was in use until the introduction of the current signage. Pack comes with instructions. Signs are reproduced from original artwork.

Pub Signs 4mm.jpg

Public House Signs 



Size: A5 pack

Typical of many to be found throughout the UK. Appropriate for period and modern layouts / dioramas. Includes a wide range of signage to give your model pub authenticity.

Newspapers and billboards 1960s.jpg

Newspapers & Billboards 



Size: A6 pack

This pack provides the modeller with a selection of newspapers & billboards reflecting news of the 1960s. Two sheets of scale newspapers included.

Street Name Signs 4mm.jpg

Street Name Signs



Size: A6 pack

This pack contains street and road name signage covering the most popular street names in the UK. Pack also includes hydrant signs.

Newspaper sheets.jpg

Detail of Newspapers - NB4 - 2 sheets are included in each pack

 Detail - click on image

Manholes and drains.jpg

Manholes & Drains



Size: A6 pack

A selection of manhole and drain covers including sewer, water, Television as well as Telecommunication junction boxes.

Garage Signs 4mm.jpg

Garage Signs


A6 Pack  £2.99

Give your model garage the authentic look with a selection of signs that were common from the 1950s until the early 1970s. Includes interior notice boards and signs as well as a wide range of forecourt signage.


Brick Wall Advertisements  Pack 1


A4 Pack  £3.75

Printed on quality card, this selection of faded (‘Ghost’) advertisements painted on walls are still to be found in urban environments throughout the UK. Ideal for detailing card building kits and scratch building.

Ghost Wall Advert Camp 2.jpg

The Brick wall Faded or 'Ghost' Advertising signs are primarily designed to be used with card kits such as those in the Metcalfe and Superquick ranges. However with care they can also be used on models made of other materials. Illustrated here is an excellent model constructed by Richard Williams from a Townstreet resin kit using one of these faded advertisement signs.                                                              Detail - click on image


Stone Wall Advertisements  Pack 2


A4 Pack  £3.75

Printed on quality card, this selection of faded (‘Ghost’) advertisements painted on stone walls are still to be found in urban environments throughout the UK.

4mm For Sale Signs.jpg

For Sale Signs


A5 Pack  £3.25

A common sight in the urban environment. These residential and business real estate signs will enhance your model railway. Pack includes one pre-assembled sign.


Stone Wall Advertisements  Pack 1


A4 Pack  £3.75

The same designs as those in the first pack of brick wall advertisements except these are painted on a stone background.


Brick Wall Advertisements  Pack 2


A4 Pack  £3.75

The second pack of faded brick wall advertisements. Ideal for detailing card building kits and scratch building projects.

Page Header Ghost Signs.jpg

We have produced ghost signs for over ten years as part of our range and have often been asked if we can offer more and some customised items. So, we have put together a larger collection of packs. These customised versions as well as stock items can be viewed by clicking the sign above.

A4 Bus Station & Garage RED.jpg

Period Bus Station & Garage  Red version


A4 Pack  £3.95

A wide selection of signage and accessories to detail a period bus station and garage. As well as some generic names, the pack includes bus stop signs, timetable boards, advertising material and safety signage. The packs are available in two different colour schemes, red as illustrated here or green as below. Ideal for detailing kits or scratch building projects.

A4 Bus Station & Garage GREEN.jpg

Period Bus Station & Garage  Green version


A4 Pack  £3.95

The green colour scheme of the Bus Station and Garage Pack.

A4 Bus Station & Garage RED Detail.jpg

A close up of some of the detail of the Bus Station and Garage Pack.

Page Header Bus related.jpg

For more 1:76 bus related items - click here

Village & Countryside detail.jpg

A really useful pack for detailing villages and the rural environment. Includes signage for churches, schools, shops, road signs, farm signs in addition to a wide range of signs to be found in the countryside.

Village & Countryside.jpg

Village and Countryside Pack


A5 Pack  £3.25

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