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Dairies and creameries have always been a popular subject for railway modellers as they allow the use of interesting rolling stock, notably slat sided milk churn vans and milk tank wagons; as well as establishing a rail served lineside industry.


These packs are designed to give you a wide range of signage that might be found around a dairy or creamery. As well as the named signs, the packs include a wealth of general directional and instructional signs to help bring your model to life. The packs include signage suitable for the inter-war years through to the late 1960s.


Originally, milk was transported in churns from stations in special vans or goods wagons. The first churns were the conical type; these were superseded by the cylindrical type with mushroom shaped lid introduced in the 1930s which held ten gallons. Milk companies started to establish creameries for the collection of milk in rural areas, where after processing, it would be transferred into special railway tankers for transportation to dairies in urban areas. Dairies would bottle or further process the milk ready to be delivered to homes and businesses.


To order a pack: Simply complete the Name Required section with the precise name that you want for your Dairy or Creamery (max 35 characters) and then click the Add to Cart button.


This A6 Pack comes with instructions, suggestions as well as a brief history of dairies and milk traffic by rail.


Please note: these packs are produced from individual pieces of artwork and therefore the contents and layout of the packs will vary slightly depending on the name required. Images of packs and signage are for illustrative purposes only.

2mm Customised Dairy Signs - Co-operative Dairy

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