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From the early 1880s Great Eastern tank locomotives working in the London area were fitted with brackets to display a destination board for the information of passengers. These boards were of wood and were carried on brackets on the smokebox door. The boards were originally black with white lettering, and double-sided with related destinations: LIVERPOOL ST / ENFIELD TOWN, or CHINGFORD / LIVERPOOL ST, for example. The boards continued in use throughout the LNER period (being synonymous with the ‘Jazz’ suburban services in 1920s) and well into the British Railway Period. During the British Railways period the boards were painted black with straw yellow lettering.


These destination boards were only used on suburban trains in the greater London area (and later some workings around Norwich), and therefore only locally based passenger tank engines were fitted with the necessary brackets. However, boards were also used on some excursion trains to destinations such as Clacton or Southend-on Sea and were displayed by tender engines.


The pack comes with a variety of destinations for the London suburbs (including Liverpool Street and Fenchurch Street terminus stations) as well as a small number of East Anglian ones.


Each A6 pack contains 100 boards printed on 240g/m2 specialist photo card together with thin wire. The pack comes with full instructions.

4mm Destination Boards for BR (ex GER/ LNER) Locomotives

SKU: 4DestB GER Loco
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