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Beverley's of Wakefield  -  3 Signs approximately 38 X 52 mm


“Ghost Signs” are the fading remains of hand-painted signs / adverts painted directly onto a wall. These were very common in urban environments and could often be viewed from railways. Some can still be seen today – just look carefully the next time you are in a town or city.


Printed on quality paper, each pack has three or four signs in various stages of fading / decay. These are primarily designed to be used with card kits such as those in the Metcalfe and Superquick ranges. However, with care they can also be used on models made of other materials such as those produced in resin by Hornby and Bachmann.


Easy to use. Just cut out the sign, colour the cut edge and apply to the chosen location with adhesive after matching up the brick courses.


A6 Pack. Printed in high definition on 150g/m2 quality paper.


Please note: these packs are produced from individual pieces of artwork and therefore the contents and layout of the packs will vary slightly depending on the name required. Images of packs and models of buildings are for illustrative purposes.

4mm Ghost Signs - Beverley's Beers

SKU: Ghst Bev4
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