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These LMS coach boards were introduced in 1935. They were 12ft 6in long with 5in high black lettering on a white background. The width of the lettering was adjusted to accommodate the length of the destinations of the service. The boards were either mounted on the roof Period I/II & early Period III stock) or the eaves panel (later Period III stock). Some Period III coaches had mounting brackets in both locations. The pack also includes 2ft 4in long boards with the destination which were usually fixed to brackets on the eaves panel close to an entrance door. From the mid-1930s these were often black letter on a cream background (both types are included in the pack).


Quick and easy to use, this pack allows you to recreate your chosen express train with the appropriate coachboards. One pack provides you with 25 scale boards together with small end destination panels.

Printed to a high resolution on quality 240g/m2 matt photographic card, the pack comes with full instructions. Pack size: A6


The coaches featured are for illustrative purposes only.

4mm LMS Destination Boards: London - Whitehaven

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