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Sankey Scenics can offer you a range of accessories for detailing Motorail rolling stock. Some Motorail services ran with destination boards on the coaches. Many carried the traditional style of boards just under the roofline. These were painted blue to match the blue & grey livery and featured the corporate double arrow followed by “Motorail” and then the destination (there is a good example in the NRM). Also included in these packs, are some branded Motorail panels for Carflats or Cartics together with protection guards that were used (particularly in the early years of Motorail) to cover car windscreens.


Quick and easy to use, one pack provides you with 12 scale boards for one direction and 12 for the reverse journey (24 in total) together with Motorail Panels and car screen protection covers.

Boards and panels are printed to a high resolution on quality 240g/m2 matt photographic card and the screen covers are printed on specialist paper. The pack comes with full instructions. Pack size: A6


The photographs and pack featured are for illustrative purposes only. Photograph of original board in the National Railway Museum.

4mm Motorail Destination Boards: Birmingham - Inverness

SKU: Motorail Dest Birm Inv
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