During the summer months of the 1950s and early 1960s, British Railways ran many special excursion trains. These would take holidaymakers and day trippers to popular seaside or scenic destinations. These trains ran to and from cities and towns around the country as well as many northern mining and mill town communities in West Yorkshire, Lancashire and Derbyshire. Additional trains were timetabled to meet the peak demands during the "Wakes Weeks" holidays.


Some of these trains did carry special destination boards but with modellers’ licence you can have as many as you want. These boards are a scale eleven feet in length and are designed for fitting to Mark 1 carriages. These were carried in brackets on the cantrail area between the windows and roof gutter.


Pack includes many boards suitable for excursions to Blackpool. Special workings from Manchester, Glasgow, Northampton, London, Bradford, Leicester, Blackburn, Nottingham and some mill towns in the north west. Includes "Illuminations Special".


Printed to a high resolution on 240g/m2 matt photographic card, these boards when applied to coaches give them a scale thickness. Packs come with instructions making them easy to apply. One pack provides you with over 120 scale boards.


Pack size: A5.


The coaches featured are for illustrative purposes only

4mm Excursion Trains: Blackpool


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