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Perhaps the most well known express passenger train dates back to 1862 when it was known as the ‘Special Scotch Express’. The title was introduced by the London North Eastern Railway in 1927 and ran from Kings Cross to Edinburgh Waverley. Running non-stop it initially took eight and half hours to cover the 393 miles although the time was accelerated from 1932. The service was hauled by A1 and A3 Pacifics and by A4 Pacifics from 1937. The title continued to be used in the timetable for the duration of the Second World War although records demonstrate that it was not formally identified


Quick and easy to use, this pack allows you to recreate your chosen titled train with the appropriate choice of coachboards, corridor tail boards and locomotive headboards (when appropriate). Printed to a high resolution on quality photographic card, the pack comes with full instructions.


Pack size: A6

2mm Pre-war Titled Train: Flying Scotsman

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