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Introduced in 1958, the service ran between Liverpool Street (London) and Clacton. The original headboard was the blue circular steel board attached to the smoke box door of locomotives. This was joined quickly by the more convention headboard in the same year of inauguration. The Clacton line was electrified in 1963 and although the title remained on the timetable until 1968, headboards were not used after this date. The shorter carriage boards were used with LNER Gresley or Thompson designed stock and the later eleven feet ones are for use with British Railway’s Mark 1 coaching stock.


Quick and easy to use, this pack allows you to recreate your chosen titled train with the appropriate choice of coachboards, corridor tail boards and locomotive headboards. Printed to a high resolution on quality photographic card, the pack comes with full instructions.


Pack size: A6

4mm Titled Train: Essex Coast Express

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