A useful sheet representing a weathered Brick arched retaining wall. When space is tight on the layout and the gap between the tracks and the baseboard edge then these arches may provide the perfect solution.


Size: A4 Sheet X 2


Approximate maximum dimensions when all sections used (with exception of low wall): Length = 98 cm  Height = 6.9 cm  (38.5 X 2.7 inches)


The ‘Urban Scenes’ backscene elements have been digitally drawn and have been designed to give some flexibility to the modeller so that unique backdrops can been created. Simply cut out & glue to your backscene to create a completely unique scene. These can be used in conjunction with existing backscenes and can provide very useful infills between low relief buildings and other areas. Printed to a high resolution on quality matt coated papers, these flat one-dimensional pieces of artwork can give the sense of a three-dimensional scene.

OO Gauge Backscene Sections - Brick Retaining Arched Wall

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