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Victoria Road is a stone-built terrace typical of many built in the 19th century. The set includes two side roads drawn in perspective. Included in the set are bridging sections & roofing pieces that give modellers more flexibility for arrangement.


Size: A4 Sheet X 4


Approximate maximum dimensions when all sections used: Length = 130 cm  Height (including pavement) = 11.4 cm  (51.2 X 4.5 inches)


The ‘Urban Scenes’ backscene elements have been digitally drawn and have been designed to give some flexibility to the modeller so that unique backdrops can been created. Simply cut out & glue to your backscene to create a completely unique scene. These can be used in conjunction with existing backscenes and can provide very useful infills between low relief buildings and other areas. Printed to a high resolution on quality matt coated papers, these flat one-dimensional pieces of artwork can give the sense of a three-dimensional scene.

OO Gauge Backscene Sections - Victoria Road

SKU: BScene4 VicRd
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