OO gauge   4mm   1/76    Eras 6 - 9 1967 to date

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Motorail Panel Pack Kensington Penzance.
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Western Region Motorail waist line destination panels which were reversible. These are simply Blu-Tacked to the side of the coaches

Sankey Scenics is pleased to offer you a range of accessories for detailing Motorail rolling stock. Some Motorail services ran with destination boards on the coaches. Many carried the traditional style of boards just under the roofline. These were painted blue to match the blue & grey livery and featured the corporate double arrow followed by “Motorail” and then the destination (there is a good example in the NRM). Western Region of British Rail carried small panels on the waist line of the coach (similar to continental practice) which were white with the Motorail logo and the destinations underneath. Also included in these packs, are some branded Motorail panels for Carflats or Cartics together with protection guards that were used (particularly in the early years of Motorail) to cover car windscreens. There are sixteen different packs available with the option of bespoke ones of the modeller’s choice.