OO gauge   4mm   1/76    Eras 6 - 9 1967 to date

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Motorail Panel Pack Kensington Penzance.
Motorail (86).JPG
Motorail DETAIL (87).JPG

Western Region Motorail waist line destination panels which were reversible. These are simply Blu-Tacked to the side of the coaches

Sankey Scenics is pleased to offer you a range of accessories for detailing Motorail rolling stock. Some Motorail services ran with destination boards on the coaches. Many carried the traditional style of boards just under the roofline. These were painted blue to match the blue & grey livery and featured the corporate double arrow followed by “Motorail” and then the destination (there is a good example in the NRM). Western Region of British Rail carried small panels on the waist line of the coach (similar to continental practice) which were white with the Motorail logo and the destinations underneath. Also included in these packs, are some branded Motorail panels for Carflats or Cartics together with protection guards that were used (particularly in the early years of Motorail) to cover car windscreens. There are sixteen different packs available with the option of bespoke ones of the modeller’s choice.


These packs are printed to a high resolution and have further details and instructions enclosed.

Motorail (46).JPG

All packs are very reasonably priced at only £3.20 each offering you excellent quality at a very affordable price. To order a set, simply click the Add to Cart button next to the boards you want. We are also able to offer these as customised items - see the bottom of the page for further details

z Motorail Dest Boards Pack London Aberd
Motorail (60).JPG
Motorail (50).JPG

Packs come with either destination boards or panels, branded Motorail panels for Carflats or Cartics together with car windscreen protection covers.

1Web Pic Motorail Boards London to Perth

Motorail Boards: London - Perth

A6 Pack  Code: Motorail Dest LP

1Web Pic Motorail Panels Kensington to S

Motorail Panels: Kensington, Swansea

A6 Pack  Code: Motorail Pan Kens Swan

2Web Pic Motorail Boards London to Edinb

Motorail Boards: London - Edinburgh

A6 Pack  Code: Motorail Dest L Ed

2Web Pic Motorail Panels Kensington to N

Motorail Panels: Kensington, Newton Abbot

A6 Pack  Code: Motorail Pan Kens NA

3Web Pic Motorail Boards Birmingham to I

Motorail Boards: Birmingham - Inverness

A6 Pack  Code: Motorail Dest Birm Inv

3Web Pic Motorail Panels Birmingham to S

Motorail Panels: Birmingham, St Austell

A6 Pack  Code: Motorail Pan Birm StA

4Web Pic Motorail Boards London to Newca

Motorail Boards: London - Newcastle

A6 Pack  Code: Motorail Dest L New

4Web Pic Motorail Panels Kensington to C

Motorail Panels: Kensington, Carmarthen

A6 Pack  Code: Motorail Pan Kens Carm

5Web Pic Motorail Boards London to Carli

Motorail Boards: London - Carlisle

A6 Pack  Code: Motorail Dest LC

5Web Pic Motorail Panels Kensington to F

Motorail Panels: Kensington, Fishguard

A6 Pack  Code: Motorail Pan Kens Fish

6Web Pic Motorail Boards London to Aberd

Motorail Boards: London - Aberdeen

A6 Pack  Code: Motorail Dest L Ab

6Web Pic Motorail Panels Kensington to P

Motorail Panels: Kensington, Penzance

A6 Pack  Code: Motorail Pan Kens Penz

7Web Pic Motorail Boards York to Inverne

Motorail Boards: York - Inverness

A6 Pack  Code: Motorail Dest Yk Inv

7Web Pic Motorail Panels Bristol to Newc

Motorail Panels: Bristol, Newcastle

A6 Pack  Code: Motorail Pan Brist New

8Web Pic Motorail Boards Birmingham to S

Motorail Boards: Birmingham - Stirling

A6 Pack  Code: Motorail Dest Birm Stir

8Web Pic Motorail Panels Kensington to E

Motorail Panels: Kensington, Exeter

A6 Pack  Code: Motorail Pan Kens Ex

Motorail (27).JPG
Motorail (100).JPG
Motoral Panel original.png
Motorail (60).JPG

In addition to these rolling stock items we also produce a pack for detailing a Motorail terminal (see below).


If we don't have the boards that you are looking for, then we can produce ones at a very reasonable rate. Names might be real or fictitious - just send us an email with the names together with period that you require and we will produce a pack for you.

Motorail (81).JPG
British Rail Motorail A5 Pack.jpg

Motorail Terminal Detailing Pack


A5 Pack  £3.75

Printed to our usual high resolution, this pack contains a wealth of signage and accessories including directional signage, poster & timetable boards, informational signs as well as indicator boards and platform and vehicle loading signage.

Adding Detail & Realism

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