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Sankey Scenics offers a wide range of coach destination boards to detail your coaching stock. Printed to a high resolution on quality materials, the packs come with instructions and are easy to apply.

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Click below for British Railways Mark 1 Coach Destination Boards in different scales

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Click here for Great Western Railway

Coach Destination Boards

Click here to find Titled Trains of 1920s/30s

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Click here for British Railways ex-GWR Coach Destination Boards

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Click here for London Midland & Scottish

Coach Destination Boards

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Click here for London & North Eastern Coach Destination Boards

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Click here for British Railways Period ex London & North Eastern Coach Destination Boards

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Click here for British Rail Motorail Accessories

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Western Region Panel Destination Boards
Side Panel Yellow Padd Cardiff Fishguard
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Click here for British Rail Western Region Destination Panels

Western Region Panel Destination Boards

Please note that due to the large number of packs in the Destination Boards Range, we are unable to carry these stock items at exhibitions. However, if there are specific ones you wish to collect at an exhibition venue then please contact us at least a week before the exhibition date.

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