OO gauge   4mm   1/76    Era 3 1923 - 1947

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4 mm Scale GWR Boards Paddington, Bath a
1 Padd Ex Ply.JPG

Following detailed research, Sankey Scenics is pleased to offer you a range of coach destination boards to detail  GWR rolling stock (except Hawksworth designed stock). These boards are printed to a high resolution on 240g/m2 matt photographic card. The packs come with instructions and are easy to apply. One pack provides you with 22 scale boards together with coach seating number panels.

1 Paddington Bristol NEW.JPG

All packs are very reasonably priced at only £3.20 each offering you excellent quality at a very affordable price. To order a set, simply click the Add to Cart button next to the boards you want. We are also able to offer these as customised items - see the bottom of the page for further details.

1 Web Pic GWR Padd Bath Bristol.jpg

Paddington, Bath & Bristol

A6 Pack  Code: GWR DEST4 P/B/B

2 Web Pic GWR Birm Ten Pemb Dock.jpg

Birmingham, Tenby & Pembroke Dock

A6 Pack  Code: GWR DEST4 B/T/PD

3 Web Pic GWR Birm Torq Paign Kings.jpg

Birmingham, Torquay Paignton & Kingswear

A6 Pack  Code: GWR DEST4 B/T/P/K

4 GWR Paddington Birkenhead.jpg

Paddington and Birkenhead

A6 Pack  Code: GWR DEST4 P/BIRK

5 Web Pic GWR Padd Bath Bristol Weston.j

Paddington, Bath, Bristol & Weston-Super-Mare

A6 Pack  Code: GWR DEST4 P/B/B/WEST

6 Web Pic GWR Birm Wolve Birk.jpg

Birmingham, Wolverhampton & Birkenhead

A6 Pack  Code: GWR DEST4 P/W/BIRK

7 Web Pic GWR Card New Shrews Chester.jp

Cardiff, Newport, Shrewsbury & Chester

A6 Pack  Code: GWR DEST4 C/N/SHW/CH

8 Web Pic GWR Padd Bristol.jpg

Paddington and Bristol

A6 Pack  Code: GWR DEST4 P/B

13 Web Pic GWR Padd Bristol Taunton.jpg

Paddington, Bristol & Taunton

A6 Pack  Code: GWR DEST4 P/B/T

14 Web Pic GWR Padd Birm.jpg

Paddington and Birmingham

A6 Pack  Code: GWR DEST4 P/Birm

15 Web Pic GWR Padd Glouc Chelt.jpg

Paddington, Gloucester & Cheltenham Spa

A6 Pack  Code: GWR DEST4 P/G/CHELT

16 Web Pic GWR Padd Card Swan.jpg

Paddington, Cardiff and Swansea

A6 Pack  Code: GWR DEST4 P/C/S

2 Padd Ex Ply.JPG

If we don't have the boards you are looking for, then we can produce ones at a very reasonable rate. Names might be real or fictitious - just send us an email with details of the boards that you require.

1Web Pic GWR Padd Chelt.jpg

Paddington & Cheltenham Spa

A6 Pack  Code: GWR DEST4 P/CHELT

2Web Pic GWR Padd Falmouth.jpg

Paddington & Falmouth

A6 Pack  Code: GWR DEST4 P/F

15Web Pic GWR Padd Worc Gt Malv.jpg

Paddington, Worcester & Great Malvern

A6 Pack  Code: GWR DEST4 P/WORC/GM

16Web Pic GWR Swan Card New Brist Ex Ply

Swansea, Cardiff, Newport, Bristol, Exeter & Plymouth

A6 Pack  Code: GWR DEST4 S/C/N/B/E/P

17Web Pic GWR Padd Wolve Birk.jpg

Paddington, Wolverhampton & Birkenhead

A6 Pack  Code: GWR DEST4 P/W/BIRK

18Web Pic GWR Padd Plymouth.jpg

Paddington and Plymouth

A6 Pack  Code: GWR DEST4 P/Ply

19Web Pic GWR Padd Wolve Ab.jpg

Paddington, Wolverhampton & Aberystwyth

A6 Pack  Code: GWR DEST4 P/W/AB

20Web Pic GWR Padd Shrews.jpg

Paddington & Shrewsbury

A6 Pack  Code: GWR DEST4 P/SHREW