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O gauge   7mm   1/43

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Van Posters 7mm pack 1.jpg

Wagon / Van Posters   Set 1



Size: A6 pack

Van Posters 7mm pack 2.jpg

Wagon / Van Posters   Set 2



Size: A6 pack


An old O gauge van is used here to illustrate the wagon posters in use. It is easy to give them the weathered and distressed look just like the prototypes.

Van Posters 7mm pack 3.jpg

Wagon / Van Posters   Set 3



Size: A6 pack

These posters were often applied to the sides of vans particularly in the 1950s & 60s. Period photographs show them on goods stock. These were often applied to block trains for ease of identification. These self adhesive labels will provide your freight stock with additional detail and authenticity.

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Combination Saver

On-line exclusive - Buy all three packs together and save over 5%.

Wagon Posters Combination Pack

Comb WPost7  £8.50

O gauge Van Posters Combo.jpg
7mm Carriage Prints 1.jpg

Carriage Prints Pack 1


A5 Pack  £3.25

These miniature prints will enhance the interior detail of 7mm scale railway carriages. Simply apply to the carriage compartment walls above the seats.

7mm Carriage Prints 2.jpg

Carriage Prints Pack 2


A5 Pack  £3.25

Titled Train Packs will allow you to model the many named trains that ran over the British railway network.


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Sankey Scenics has an extensive selection of coach destination boards for various companies and coach designs. To see these then simply click the link on the right.

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