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N Gauge Billboards 30 1.jpg

Billboards 1930s  Pack 1

BILL30N (1)

A4 Pack  £2.99

Billboard packs include a variety of posters for brands and products from the period. Can be applied to simple wall or free-standing hoardings (Instructions included).

Billboard Terry Kempton 1.jpg

Terry Kempton built this hoarding for his Poppy Lane Layout. You can see the development of this delightful little layout on           Detail - click on image

N Gauge Billboards 30 2.jpg

Billboards 1930s  Pack 2

BILL30N (2)

A5 Pack  £2.99

N Gauge Billboards 40 Post War.jpg

Billboards 1940s  Post War


A5 Pack  £2.99

OLD Road signs 2mm.jpg

Old Road Signs 1940s-60s



Size: A6 pack

A wide selection of signage that was in use until the introduction of the current signage. Pack comes with instructions. Signs are reproduced from original artwork.

Manholes and drains N.jpg

Manholes & Drains



Size: A6 pack

A selection of manhole and drain covers including sewer, water, Television as well as Telecommunication junction boxes.