OO gauge   4mm   1/76    Eras 6 - 9 1967 to date

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British Rail modern 4mm Pack 1.jpg

British Rail Station Signs  



Size: A6 pack

Introduced in the late 1960s by British Rail as part of a new corporate image many of these signs are still to be found on modern railway platforms.

Model Rail British Rail modern 4mm Pack

BR Poster Boards 1970s



Size: A6 pack

Poster and timetable boards for detailing a 1970s British Rail Station.

Model Rail British Rail modern 4mm Pack

BR Station Signs (Pack 2)



Size: A6 pack

A selection of information and timetable boards. Pack also includes cash machine and digital screens.

Model Rail British Rail modern 4mm Pack

BR Poster Boards 1980s  



Size: A6 pack

1980s poster and timetable boards.

British Rail modern 4mm Pack 3.jpg

Additional Station Signage



Size: A6 pack

Signage to be found in the station environment including health & safety and station car park signs.

Model Rail Modern rail side signs  4mm.j

Modern Lineside Signs 



Size: A6 pack

A selection of speed and other lineside signs to be found on the modern railway.

Platform Advertising Posters & Billboards on Page 3

1 British Rail modern 4mm Red Star Parce

Red Star Parcels Signage



Size: A6 pack

Introduced in the 1960s, Red Star Parcels used passenger stations for  transporting parcels between British Rail Stations.The service used scheduled trains and as such was one of the fastest methods of transporting a package long distances nationally. Privatisation of the national network in the late 90s finally saw the demise of Red Star. Pack has a selection of signage associated with the service and instructions.

Combination Saver

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British Rail Station Signage

Combination Pack

Comb BRM4(1-3)  £8.80

Railway Modeller Review RETB.jpg

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1A RETB Signs  4mm.jpg

RETB Signage



Size: A6 pack

A wide selection of signage associated with rural lines in Scotland, Wales and Suffolk operated by Radio Electronic Token Block. Pack comes with detailed notes and instructions.

Network Rail Station Signs (11).JPG
1Network Rail station Signs pack A5.jpg

Network Rail Station Signage Pack


A5 Pack  £3.95

These signs tend to be used at the larger Network Rail managed stations. The pack contains a wide range of platform, directional and information signage. There is also a customised pack for Network Rail. Just click Modern Stations Link below and see the special offer for combined packs.

Customised Station Packs

Station Pack Web (33).jpg
Station Pack Web (34)R.jpg
Station Pack Web (22).jpg
Station Pack Web (25)R.jpg

Sankey Scenics can offer customised Station Packs. A4 Packs come with a selection of nameboards, poster and timetable boards, as well as general station & health and safety signage. These A4 packs provide outstanding value at just £10.75.


In addition to the A4 Station Packs that we offer for some British Rail and regional stations, we also have a numbers of smaller A5 packs that cover a wider range of periods and companies. Here you will find some post privatisation companies and franchise managed stations as well as those managed by Network Rail.


These packs are usually despatched within a day of ordering and are personal to your model railway station. Take a look by clicking this link.

We also produce a range of Motorail rolling stock items including coach boards & Panels. Click the link to see more

British Rail Motorail A5 Pack.jpg

Motorail terminal Detailing Pack


A5 Pack  £3.75

Printed to our usual high resolution, this pack contains a wealth of signage and accessories including directional signage, poster & timetable boards, informational signs as well as indicator boards and platform and vehicle loading signage.

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